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How To Stop Nail Biting Habits

So I've struggled with this habits for a while now; nail biting is one of the most popular habits out there, and the worst, too!
Nail biting is caused mainly from stress and tension, and without us noticing, we start biting our nails to relieve some of this stress, or to focus our attention on something else. Sooner or later, it's going to become a bad habit you'll have trouble getting rid of!
So what to do when you find yourself with the desire to have beautiful, presentable hands but you can't stop yourself from biting and nipping at them? I've listed some quick and simple steps and ideas to stop your nail biting habits once and for all!

Not only is nail biting a nasty habit, but it also prevents your nails from growing. Healthy nails should have a natural shine to them and feel and look strong. The more you bite down on them, the weaker they'll get, and sooner or later you'll feel self conscious to even show your hands to others. 

The first step to quit biting your nails, is to look at your nails, and visualize them long and strong. If you feel like taking a picture of them and hanging them on your wall just to remind you how awful they look all bitten and torn up, then do so! 
One of the most important things when quitting a bad habit is commitment; without commitment, you won't get anywhere. So make sure you're fully dedicated to wanting pretty nails for the rest of your life! 

Get yourself a manicure! Even though your nails aren't presentable now, you do want them to be in the future. So go to the salon and talk to your stylist about how you want to quit biting your nails. A manicure will do you some good, since cutting and pushing your cuticles back will increase growth and make them look longer.
Most nail biters don't have "moons" on their nails, so having your cuticles pushed back is a good way to begin forming a nice and clean nail. 

Paint your nails. Although this sounds like it might not work, it did work for me! Getting your nails painted helps to stop your habit, and fast. When you tend to bite down on your nail, there's nothing that will stop you from doing so, but if you're biting down on painted nails, then you'll "remember" that Oops! you can't bite them anymore!
Painting your nails reminds you that you shouldn't be biting them, and if you get your nails painted with a two coat base, plus a thick coat of gloss, then you'll be able to feel that layer of paint on your nails and stop yourself from going any further.
If you're not a fan of getting your nails painted too often, then go for a soft French manicure look, or a one-coated pale color similar to your natural nail color. 

Buy a Nail Strengthener Nail Polish to help your nails become stronger. You can find these in almost any drugstore or market. There's a wide variety you can choose from, and most of them will help your nails get that firm coat they'll need to become stronger. Nail strengtheners aren't designed to make your nail "stronger;" instead, they're designed to protect your nail from any damage and breaking, so your nails can grow out stronger and better looking.
When buying a nail strengthener, always look for one rich in proteins. Look on the list and make sure that any time of hydrolyzed collagen or proteins are listed on their. These proteins help form a protective barrier that prevents the nail from losing moisture.

If your biting habits are too serious, then try using lemon juice or a spicy ingredient on your nails. I personally used lemon juice for a while, since the acid was a reminder to stop biting them. It feels gooey and sticky at first, but once it dries off, you'll end up forgetting that you have it on.
Also, try using hot sauce or any other spicy food such as cayenne pepper to prevent you from biting them. Sometimes you just don't remember you're even biting them, so make sure to use a reminder that works.
Another good alternative is a nail inhibitor, bought from your local pharmacy. These nail polishes are designed to taste funny, so that they can stop you from biting them all the time. Carry it along with you and place it on whenever you feel like you're going to start biting them.

Find a substitution for your nail biting habit. Try wearing a bracelet on your hand and playing aroud with that when you're nervous or stressed. Try painting, drawing, reading, or any other hobby or activity that can stop you from biting your nails all the time. Most of the times we bite our nails from boredom, so using an alternative can really help eliminate the habit quickly. 

Soon enough, you'll find that your nails are getting longer and stronger! In about a month, you'll see the results and whenever you change your nail polish or get another manicure, you'll find that your nails have grown a lot. 

Beautiful nails are something that we should all have, since they give a good first impression of you and how much you truly care about yourself. You don't need acrylic nails or fake nails to make them look prettier; pretty, natural nails are a cheap way to have wonderful looking hands, and they'll last a lifetime!

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