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Choosing the Right Shampoo and Conditioner For You

There are over hundreds of hair shampoo and conditioners out there for you to choose from, but what are the best products out there for your hair type? I've added some of my favorite and not-so-favorite items below to guide you on what shampoos and conditioners to take into account when shopping for your hair supplies. Keep on reading to find out!

From personal experience, I've learned that expensive products for your hair are way better then the cheaper kind you can get for $2 or $4. But the price isn't the only thing that can help you decide what better products are for you. Your hair type is something that you should know when you buy shampoo and conditioner. Buying a certain kind of shampoo can dry out your hair, or make it even oilier.
So what are the best products out there for your hair?

Dry Hair
If you tend to have dry hair, then chances are you're not using the adequate hair products to moisturize your hair correctly. One of the best hair shampoos and conditioners I recommend, and that I also use on my own set of hair is Dove Therapy Heat Defense Shampoo and Conditioner. Their shampoo and conditioner gives you amazing coverage when blow drying or ironing your hair. Plus, it also adds on some extra oils to your hair so that it won't poof out anymore or have those annoying split ends we all hate. 

Another great shampoo product is Herbal Essence's Hidralicious. This shampoo and conditioner is professionally equipped with those extra vitamins and oils you need to create that shiny, glossy look most celebrities seem to have on their hair. And what's the best part about this product? The smell of course! The unique thing about Herbal Essences is the lovely aroma your hair gets once you're out of the shower, and how that soft, flower scented aroma can last for days. I've fallen in love with their complete line of shampoo, conditioner, and hair cream that makes your hair moisterized and healthy for a long lasting effect you'll love, too!

Oily Hair
When you tend to have oilier hair, it gets a bit more tricky. Most expensive hair lines are designed to help enrich your hair with extra molecules that create a glossier effect, but when you already have too many oils in your hair, then looking for a cheaper shampoo and conditioner would be one of the recommendations I'd give you. You see, most cheap shampoos dry out your hair faster than any other shampoo product. But when looking for shampoo and conditioner for your hair, try to avoid ones with olive oil or any products that ensure you to give you glossy and shiny hair: these are the ones that make your hair oily!
One of the best products out there are citric-based shampoos and conditoners; these will help eliminate that excessive oil particles in your hair and give you shiny, healthy and clean hair!
Also, try washing your hair every day for a few weeks. This will help prevent the oils to build up on your roots and give that oily appearance. 

Straight Hair
For those out there with straight hair, finding a shampoo that can maintain or give your straighter hair is one of the first steps to getting natural, healthy straight hair. When I was young, my hair was always straight. But as I got longer, it tends to get wavier then how I had it as a child. Therefore, using a shampoo professionally made to keep your hair strands straight and strong, I would suggest using Herbal Essence's Dangerously Staight products. Their line is amazing, and as I mentiones before, the scent it leaves on your hair is super sweet and delicious!
Not only this, but it helps give your healthy, shiny hair. When I started using their line, I didn't even have to straighten my hair; instead, I let it air dry and it gave me a healthy look without having to use heat on it!

Curly Hair
I absolutely love curly hair. The way it gives you volume and shape to your face is amazing. But I just can't stand seeing unhealthy, dull curls loosely hanging off of someone's skull. That's why using a shampoo and conditioner to give you tight, big curls can help improve your curls even more. Using Garnier's Hydra-Curls is an amazing line that I strongly recommend for curly, or even wavy hair. Plus, the scent is refreshing and wonderful. 

So there you have it. Great shampoo and conditioners that you can find at your local supermarket, but that can give you amazing results. Nothing is more important than healthy hair, no matter what shape, length or color it is. The more you care for it, the healthier it'll shine afterwards. 

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