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The True Secret to Getting Flawless Skin

-with makeup-

Doesn’t it seem like supermodels, famous actresses and celebrities have beautiful, perfect skin in every single picture taken? Don’t you ever wonder why your face can’t be as perfect? Well, think again! All those famous people in front of a camera know the true secret to getting that flawless, acne-free, blemish-free face that we all want, and I know just the way to get their face!

Keep on reading to see how us women’s secret weapon, a.k.a. Makeup can really help our face look young, healthy, and picture ready!

When breakouts are strictly forbidden…

We all tend to have breakouts every now and then. This is especially due to hormonal reasons, and every month we might or might not get those annoying blemishes that could completely ruin our night out.  But don’t be afraid of those hateful dots on our face! With the perfect concealer, you can truly pull out beautiful skin and nobody will even notice these slight imperfections.

Here’s what the pros are using:
I haven’t personally tried this product myself, but I plan on doing to in the near future! Most professional makeup artists are amazed by Almay Nearly Naked Cover Up Stick , which you can find here: Almay Nearly Naked Cover Up Stick 

How should I apply my concealer?
When applying concealer, use a concealer brush! These small yet slim brushed are designed professionally to help smooth out the product and cover entirely the place you’re applying it to. Since they are small, they’re able to fit into tight places like the corners of your nose and where you need more coverage.

Where should I apply concealer?
To start off, apply your concealer under your eyes to eliminate those bags under your eyes. If you need extra coverage, then add another thin layer to the one you have already applied.

Tip: You should always apply concealer AFTER you have applied foundation to your face, since this will help the product stay in place and help blend in with the under base coat the foundation has given you.

Also, apply your concealer on the corners of you nose where there is redness, as well as a bit on your chin. After you’ve covered up these areas, start by tapping over any redness around your face such as blemishes or freckles that can make your face look uneven and imperfect.

Did You Know?
The first ever concealer to be invented was from Max Factor back in 1938! It was called Max Factor’s Erace. Seems like makeup has been in the market for quite a long time now!

Foundation Is The Best Creation

Using the right foundation for your skin color is going to really help you get silk-like skin. When choosing your foundation color, try to find a color that is very close to your natural skin tone. If you’d like a natural slight tan to your face, then using a foundation just one skin-tone darker is best for you. If you’re looking for a photoshopped picture-perfect face, then use one shade lighter, or something very close to your skin tone.

Top Beauty Secret:
Using a translucent powder after applying foundation is a great way to help set the makeup and give you a clean, perfect face. Just apply the loose powder with a kabuki brush or any powder brush you might have, and tap it on your cheeks, forehead, face and chin. Don’t worry if it’s uneven; just go over the powder again to help blend it in into your foundation.

Just like your concealer, using a foundation brush to spread it through your face evenly is the best way to get the best results. Is you’re running late, then using your fingers to quickly sweep it through your face is also a good option.

Tip: When applying your foundation, make sure to slide it evenly down your neck line and ear line to help the color blend into your natural skin color, and to avoid making your face look like it’s been painted on. We all want natural looking, flawless skin so making sure that it blends into our natural skin tone is the right way to apply foundation.

Prime to Help You Shine

Before applying anything on your face, make sure to use a face and eyelid primer. This will help your makeup last longer, since it’s sweat proof and smudge proof, and also avoids any creasing on the eyes or wrinkles on your face. You’ll definitely notice the difference when you apply your foundation afterwards, as it will apply on smoother and silkier.

Tip: Also, after you’ve applied all your makeup, using a stay-in spray such as the Mist and Set from e.l.f Studio’s makeup line is a great option when going out or staying under the sun too long. Just spray it evenly onto your face afterwards, and enjoy a non-smudge face all day!

Contouring and Highlighting Your Features

Now the true secret to your everyday makeup routine is how you help give light and shadows to your face. This is essential to any makeup application, since your face is graphically designed to help you outline your features and give it some light to play with when being on pictures or for an everyday look.

The Complete Contouring Steps for Night Outs

After you have applied your foundation and concealer, take a contouring brush. Depending on your skin tone, find the right blush tone to help create a tanned or bronzed look.

Bronzer Blush

-Pout your cheeks outwards in an attempt to help find the hollows of your cheeks. Run your brush right under your cheekbones, using a window wiper motion. Now take that same brush and run it over your temples, helping the color blend into your hair line and into your forehead. This will give you a more natural look and create a shadow to help your features stand out.

-With that same brush and using the same amount of blush applied before, run what’s left over of the product under your jaw line to create another small shadow on your face. This helps create the illusion of a stronger and finer jaw line.

Now, do the same on the other side

Flushed Cheeks

-Using a peach to pink color for fair skin, a pink to dark pink color on medium skin, and a brown tone with red undertones for dark skin, apply the amount you desire right on the apples of your cheeks. To help you find your apples, smile in the mirror and blush away, blending it into the bronzer you applied earlier.
-Create a V-shape starting from your brow bone to your cheek, giving you a sun kissed blush. 


-Now for the final step, apply some white to vanilla cream colored blush onto the same contouring brush and run in right above your peachy color, making sure to accentuate your eyes and give some light under them.

-Run a fan brush onto your nose, concentrating on creating a thin line right in the middle, and finally a bit your chin if you’d like.

Highlighting your face will help create light onto the places that need it the most. Brightening up your face like this will help you appear fresh and healthy under a camera or in pictures.

Weird Beauty Fact:
There was a phase around 3000 BC where ‘pale look’ was considered fashionable. This was achieved by bleeding themselves! Leeches were used. (Ugh, just disgusting!) Or an extreme ‘cupping’ method was used. A vein was slashed and blood was drained into a bowl. Okay this may sound pretty extreme, but get a load of this: Demi Moore admits to using Austrian leeches to look young and beautiful! So much for makeup beauty!

Contouring Your Face for an Everyday Look

If you’re just going for an everyday look, then use either step one or step two only. If you want a more dramatic look, then blend the two together, but it you’re going for a look you can wear every day, then using just a bit of peach colored blush on your cheeks is a great way for a healthy, natural look.

Also, highlighting just under your eyes and outwards towards your temples is a great way to get rid of over night bags under your eyes or tiredness quick.

Fun Fact:
This 21st century obsession on having flawless skin isn’t something new to us humans. Image that way back, the ancient Romans hated wrinkles, sun spots, freckles, and any blemishes or imperfections on the face. They used swans’ fat or asses’ milk to soften and eliminate wrinkles, and the ashes of snails (which they burnt up themselves) were used to “cure” sores and freckles! Pretty unique, huh? And all this time I thought wanting to have perfect skin was a recent taboo.

Lips They’ll Want To Kiss

We ALL want voluptuous, thick lips that can really stand out. To create a perfect, pumped lip, you’ll need white eyeliner, lip balm, your favorite lipstick color, and a lip liner.

1.       Using lip balm before you apply your lipstick is a great way to help the color stand out more, and also to help your lips if you tend to have cracked or chapped lips.

2.       Line your lips with a darker colored lipstick. Ensure to line your curves on your upped lips the most, since this is what will give your lips that pouty, big lips look.

3.       Now take your lipstick and run it evenly through your lips. Using lipstick instead of just a lip gloss is great in make ways:

a.       It lasts longer than lip gloss does
b.      The color makes your lips stand out and make them look bigger and thicker
c.       It gives you a more finished look.

4.       Finally, with your white eyeliner, line the outer side of the curves of your upper lip, and blend it in with your finger or a smudge brush. This little tip will help you get those Angelina Jolie lips.

5.       Use gloss if you’d like.

Miss Eye Perfection

Smudge-Proof Eyes to Die for

To get your eyes to stay the way they were once you finished applying makeup, using waterproof items such as waterproof mascara and eyeliner is the best way to help them stay that way.

When using black eyeliner on your eyes, apply black eye shadow over the liquid or gel eye liner to help set the color in better.

If your eye lashes are on the thinner and smaller size, use big, thick false lashes to give your eyes an amazing look. Just apply lash glue to the thin line, wait 20-30 seconds for it to be gooey and sticky, and then apply them on using tweezers to help them in place.

Give Your Eyes Natural Light

Three simple ways to give them light and brighten them up:
1.       Using white eyeshadow, apply it with a blending brush over your brow bone to accentuate your eyebrows and widen your eye.

2.       With that same eyeshadow, run it over your teardrop and face it into your lid.

3.       Finally, with a white eyeliner, line your waterline with it to create a bigger looking eye.

4.       Finish off with eye makeup to help the look seem more natural.

And you’re done! By now you should have a clear and perfect idea of what a photoshopped face is like in real life! These tips are great to help your face seem brighter, tanned, and picture-perfect. Hope this helped and good luck!

Extra Beauty Tips:

-Don't slather on lots of lotions and give your skin a hard time. A pea-sized amount is ideal. Too many chemicals can simply increase pimples and oiliness. Keep your routine simple and easy. Just washing your face with warm water, patting it dry and applying some simple face cream can do wonders.

-Exercise. Exercise not only keeps you in shape, but it helps your skin maintain a fresh and healthy glow by regulating the oxygen. Be sure to avoid wearing make-up when you exercise. Sweat and dirt will get trapped in your pores and cause you to break-out.

-Chill out. Stress can cause acne and pimples. Take some time each day to kick back your feet, take a nap, and relax. If you're having stress problems, confide in a friend, doctor or family member you can trust.

-Always remove your makeup. Makeup clogs your pores as you sleep, causing things such as pimples and blackheads. No matter how tired you are, always clean off your makeup, right down to the very last bit of foundation. Also, consider switching from thick foundations to mineral make-up.

-If you are a girl, you might want to consider getting on the pill. It regulates the hormones that can cause breakouts before and during your period and keeps your skin healthy looking all month.

-If you must squeeze a spot, wash your hands thoroughly first, and squeeze it very gently. Don't use your fingernails; spots are temporary, but doing this can cause scars and those are permanent! If it doesn't pop, don't squeeze harder. This is a sign that the infection is still quite deep under the skin's surface and forcing the pus out can damage your skin. Wait for a few days and then have another go, or try drying it out with a natural remedy such as toothpaste or Vasenol.

-Remember to moisturize inside and outside. Drink plenty of water during the day to moisturize your 
skin from inside your body and apply moisturizer to your skin to moisturize from outside of your body.


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