Thursday, July 14, 2011

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

The secret behind perfect eyebrows is really not that difficult. Eyebrows can either make your face look longer and leaner, or shorten it up. So how to know what the perfect eyebrow shape is suitable for your face? And what products can you use to make your brows look beautiful throughout the day? Keep on reading to create a gorgeous eyebrow shape in these quick and easy steps!

Plucking your eyebrows is something we've all done in our lives to create a perfect eyebrow that suits our face. But when having your eyebrows waxed or plucked professionaly, beware! Some face structures aren't suitable for all eyebrow shapes.

If you have a slim and long face figure, then chances are you need an eyebrow shape that doesn't make your face look too long. Therefore, plucking your eyebrows with less of an arch is suitable for your face shape. If you're the ones that have a smaller face structure, then forming an arch higher than those with slimmer faces will make your face look longer and help widen your face features.

To properly pluck your eyebrows, take into account that your face is symetrically designed to help you pluck them properly. With the following image, look into the mirror and using imaginary lines, use those lines to guide you through the right angles you should properly pluck them. 

Now, the true secret to perfect eyebrows: makeup! What better way to give your eyebrows a fabulous final touch than with professionally designed brow makeup to help seal you brow's shape and to give it the shape you truly desire it to be.

One of my favorite eyebrow makeup gel is MAC's Set In Brow Gel "Girl Boy." This gel lightens your brows up, while filling them in with color and helps seal the shape in place for a 24-hour look.

The first thing you should do before applying this onto your brows is to brush your brows up to help form that arch in them, and then apply the product into them, helping form the brow and giving it a final touch. 

If your eyebrows are already a light shape, then I would suggest using a dark pencil brush to fill them in to give them a natural look. Try using one of MAC's brow pencils to fill them in. Try using Lingering Brow Pencil by MAC, which gives you a dark, yet sutil look to your eyebrows. 

Then using an angle brush, blend it into your brows and give them a longer look at the end of your eyebrow.

Another beauty tip for your perfectly shaped eyebrows would be to apply a light white shade of eyeshadow right under your eyebrow on your brow bone. This will help contour your eyebrows and widen your eye up as well. You can use MAC's White Frost Eyeshadow, which will give you that look.

So there you have it. The secret to a perfect eyebrow. It wasn't that much of a secret, now was it? Once you know how to properly shape them and sculpture them to perfection, then you really know the secret to a wonderful eyebrow! Try it out and see how they look!

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