Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun Nail Designs 2011

What a better way to enlighten your look with a fun, unique nail design this summer! Those tons of nail designs out there, I've chosen my favorite nail designs to wear for a fun and eccentric look to show to your friends. Enjoy!

Animal Print
So this year using animal prints on nails is actually something quite popular. From zebra inspired looks, to cheetah and leopard dots, they're everywhere! Even celebrities are using the look, such as Fergie and Gwen Stefani. 
Using animal print on your nails is a simple and fun way to make people stare at your nails and admire their unique design.

3D Nail Art
What funner way than to add 3D figures to your nails? Find amazing 3D nail art in almost any drug store out there! It's a completely different way to get your nails looking glamorous every time! 

(What a cute way to use your favorite characters: on your nails)

They have an amazing list of 3D designs you can choose from!

Air Brushed Nails
Ever wonder how perfectly flawless those three colored nails look? Don't think they were painted like that; they were air brushed on! Nowadays even nails are designed to look dynamic and one of a kind. Air brushing nails is easy to get extremely complicated designs onto your nails. Ask your nail artist about this technique and check it out for yourself!

Food Designs

Now food isn't just eaten; it's used for nail designs as well! From watermelon, to candy canes, food designs are a great way to get people asking you what a weird and eye catching design you have! In my personal opinion, they look cute and not too overly done, perfect to wear anywhere!

If you want to check out even more exotic and crazy designs, go to

Nail professionals, or artists out there? Stay tuned for my Acrylic and Nail Material Review on the latest and best nail products out there on the market!

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